How Much Power Can One Suit Have? As Seen and Worn by Hillary Clinton

Ah, Hillary Clinton. The woman I have always aspired to be like. She may have gotten slack in her career whether that be her controversial politics or staying with her cheating husband when he ran the free world. One thing has always been consistent about Clinton – she has owned the power suit. Her iconic uniform represents the power that she has and that no one can get her way.

Hillary Clinton has inspired many young women – and men – to be their own individual. She redefined what it meant to be a woman in the political world. She turned women’s rights into human rights.

Her personal style can be reflected as the all-American First Lady in the late 20th Century. All though, there is one thing that has remained consistent – her power suit. Since she was young, she has kept the fashion world pleased with her monochromatic coloured suits.

These suits ooze power because she stands in them with reason. Her style and suit changed the look of politicians and fashion. She turned a relatively boring dress code into a canvas of colours, beauty and structure. She expanded the play book on what women had to dress like by incorporating vibrancy and colour to her wardrobe.

She will forever be an icon.


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