Jackie Kennedy – A Brand in her Own Feminist Mystique

There is no woman more well known for her style, grace and poise. But how did this First Lady use her power of dressing to enhance an era when the feminine figure was in question?

Jackie Kennedy is a woman that will soon not be forgotten. She used her grace, power and effortless style to define an era. She was the First Lady to JFK and truly defined his Presidency (along side him of course).

Jackie truly had her own look to define her. She was at the height of popularity when the iconic “The Feminist Mystique” Betty Friedan  first came out in 1963. This happened right after her husband and president was shot and killed. Jackie created her own image that has influenced and redefined femininity that the book created.

This book is credited for beginning the second wave of feminism. A time when women’s rights were in question and beginning more about right of the body. Jackie Kennedy continued to reign as an individual woman after JFK passed away. She understood the importance of creating a uniquely feminine style that defined beauty, revolution and mystique.


1. Embrace your Curves 


2. Be Bold 


3. All Over Colour 


4. Do a Bold Lip 


5. Choose Classic Accessories


6. Throw that Hat On



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