Eleanor Roosevelt – More than just the Original Feminine Figure

Eleanor Roosevelt was more than just the wife of U.S President Theodore Roosevelt. She was a feminist icon in a time of uncertainty for women. She used power and dress to establish the suffragette movement through being an icon of First Ladies.


Elly Roosevelt would have been 133 this year and her legacy has not since faded. I often think of her as a woman that may have been a wife, but certainly not a follower.

She helped to push the women’s suffrage movement in the beginning of the early 1900s. Can we talk about a boss? She focused on poverty, war and freedom of all people. This First Lady was way ahead of her time that continues to be a legacy.

She was a First Lady that did not just entertain but she was dedicated to making a difference. Using her power, she was able to be an active supporter (despite her husband Teddy Roosevelt’s thoughts) on the civil rights movement. She also was dedicated in providing aid from the Great Depression to many Americans across the country.

She was a mother, activist, wife and feminist that wore designs of the time that helped her become the powerful woman she is known to be.

She defines power dressing. She took easy fabrics like cotton and silk to enhance her ability to be an avid feminist. She did not just sit around in her of-the-moment dress but instead used it to balance her power with the regular class.

Elly knew that in order to be a First Lady that could make a change, she had to take a step back from being too glamourous. So, she incorporated fashion of the time to allow for ease and comfort to best be the avid feminist she was.

And she did.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.02.03 PM


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